Many extreme disasters are natural, but climate change triggers mostly their occurrence and impacts. “Climate change is having a growing impact on the African continent, hitting the most vulnerable hardest, and contributing to food insecurity, population displacement and stress on water resources. said WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas. The existing bottlenecks have caused severe economic and human losses in many African countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana etc and the world at large. According to the Economic Commission for Africa, “Climate change aggravates existing vulnerabilities and structural inequalities. Without urgent and ambitious global action on climate change, well beyond current pledges under the Paris Agreement, development agenda for Africa is at serious risk of failure.”

The emergence of pandemics is not a surprise and would continue if we turn a deaf ear to curbing biodiversity loss, rethinking and collaborating to improve food systems to catalyst the availability, access, affordability and utilization of nutritious food by the growing population in Africa and the world. The situation resonates for the formation of Afrivoices for Climate Change.

Moringa is a world-known superfood, drought-resistant, nutrient-dense plant with numerous benefits and therefore stand the chance to rewrite the narrative. Our choice to change the world through Moringa is not between regions, religions, or genders but it is about promoting a common goal reflecting on our past, treating each other with kindness and respect to help us build a healthy future leaving no one behind.

We are a people, community, movement poised to championing a new wave of innovation through moringa


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